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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Watched Slumdog Millionaire last Sun: It is not the film that we should feel insulted about, it should be about how almost half of our population do not have the opportunity to a decent livelihood; and that if there weren't for people fighting in the name of Allah and Ram, (if not lakhs) tens of thousands of our children would not be orphaned to grow unsupported and vulnerable. A Slumdog's suffering could be understood if he was in Mugabe's Zimbabwe or Hitler's Germany, but in a nuclear age/space age democracy??

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Update on BlogCamp Kerala

The date is August 16th and would be held in Alleppey on a houseboat. Looking forward to some interesting stuff. To participate, add your name on the official contacts list: http://www.contactvirus.com/blogcampkerala ; the shared key is godsowncountry .

More on the event here: http://www.blogcampkerala.com

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Why Islam

A very well presented video on what Islam is really about. Pray that you watch the whole video, and understand clearly the true message of islam. I get all these weird questions, rather remarks from people, which I just could not properly answer. Mostly because I myself have insufficient knowledge to truly explain what Islam is all about. A good effort by Baba Ali to put up this simple video. Hope it dispels some of the confusion around.

The Ummah Films channel on Youtube is by Baba Ali, who creates videos on Islamic messages, primarily targeted at Muslims. Though 'Why Islam' is a normal video, most of his videos poke fun at unislamic Muslim practices and are humorous in nature.

What I need to give to this person and his videos were that his humorous videos kindled my thirst for Islamic knowledge and inspired me to think and seek further knowledge. Insha Allah, may Allah give him the reward for that and purify his intentions.

My favorite videos in the channel are(in no particular order):

Looking for a Spouse online

Who hijacked Islam?

Muslim characters at Work

Fisibilillah Discount

The Haram Police

Videos that non-Muslims could also learn from and appreciate:

The Art of Complaining

Racism and Pride

Escaping the Holiday party

Looking for a Spouse online

If you have a question yourself, go ahead and submit it to the Ask Baba Ali series at: http://www.askbabaali.com/.

See the entire Youtube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=ummahfilms.

A couple of pple have also come together under the Ummah Films banner to make a film, Tommorrow Never Comes
. Not much, but has a pretty good message to it.

Jaleel Jalaludeen

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Vanita Ratnam is Back!!

If there is some original idea, that India can boast of, in the reality shows space, it is Vanita Ratnam. Where else do you have a show contesting housewife mothers. Yes, one of the main prerequisites to take part in the contest is that you need to be a mother.

Telecast between 8 to 9 pm on weekdays, the second edition started broadcasting on 31st March 2008. Well, it is a nice opportunity and all that for housewives who otherwise would have only tonight's dinner to think of. There is a whole array of reality shows that are happening in various Malayalam channels. There are a couple of them for Singing and Dance; then there is one for journalism, one for men on cooking and even on e for babies! Yes, u feel so sorry for the babies.

Coming back to Vanita Ratnam, you might wonder how it would have caught my fancy. Well, I am sure that there are thousands, if not lakhs of people like me who are relieved that their mothers arent spending prime time, sobbing away at some stupid serial plot, which has been running for like ten years now. With this craze of reality shows i am happy that there is at least one reality show happening during prime time, which has pretty much weaned mothers away from serials. At least my mother now watches only one serial, which unfortunately shows a little before prime time. And since you cant change channels when mommy is watching the show you at least have something better to watch than see serial villains trying to look really pissed, but even the babies at the reality show for babies wouldnt look more innocent.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

AAI Employees' strike: What a loss of purpose!

An indefinite non-cooperation strike was called off by Airports Authority Employees' Union (AAEU), and affiliate of the CITU today night. The strike was called for to protest the opening of private airports in the country that would lead to the closure of the existing airports.

Over the two days of the strike, however, flight services were largely unaffected. Though over 2000 workers did not report for work at Mumbai airport, flight operations were not affected. None of the other airports reported any disruption in flight operations. Perhaps, it is enough proof that the striking workers served no purpose at first place; and were slacking away with a government salary and position. Neither did they have the skill and the savvy to get employed with the newer private airports, nor are they looking at other options. They are such a counter productive force on our economy, considering the amount of money that is spent on these slackers' salaries.

Well, since the adventure ism has proved a point, theoretically, the Government is at a better footing in the bargaining process. However, all 14 demands of the union has been accepted. Election year.. blah blah... This is what happens in a centrally planned democracy.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Loan Waiver? What the Hell!&*^^$^%$#!

P. Sainath, strips the UPA Government bare naked to reveal the hidden intentions and futility of the loan waiver in an article in The Hindu today. Some excerpts:

Even the colonial raj went in for loan waivers or ‘karza maafi’ more than once. And those waivers addressed private moneylender debt. (There were no nationalised banks in those days.) That’s something the present waiver does not touch — even though usury accounts for the overwhelming share of farm loans. In Vidharbha, money owed to private lenders would account for between two-thirds and three-fourths of all debt. In short, we haven’t begun to resolve the debt crisis of these and millions of other farmers.

In Vidharbha, the average landholding size is 7.5 acres or 3.03 hectares. Way above the two-hectare cut-off mark for the bank loan waiver. Up to 50 per cent of Vidharbha’s farmers are above this limit. Not because they are big landlords. They tend to have larger holdings as their land is unproductive and unirrigated.

Is the waiver ‘unprecedented’? Each year, nationalised banks write off thousands of crores of rupees as bad debt. Mostly money owed by small numbers of rich businessmen. And theirs is not a ‘one-time waiver.’ It is a write-off that recurs every year

Between 2000-04, banks wrote off over Rs. 44,000 crores.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

BlogCamp in God's Own Country

Hey all. Had the second meeting to discuss the organizing of BlogCamp. Hopefully, we would be able to have it sometime in June. So if you like the idea of blogging by the backwaters, do check the wiki for more details.

The wiki is: http://barcamp.org/blogcampkerala

You can join the Google group to get frequent updates. To join, go to:

Anand started this meme to help spread the message. And, i am one of those who were tagged. So here goes a list of my pals:




Ganesh APP

Siddharth Govindraj

Alex Thomas

Do love link your pals also, and spread the message.